Al Munteanu

Al Munteanu is the President of SquareOne Entertainment and is a 25 year veteran of the international media industry.

He began his entertainment career in radio, where he was instrumental in establishing radio syndication in Germany as the producer and on-air host of various nationally syndicated commentary shows. He then moved on to television to serve as both producer and on-air host for MTV Europe, Tele 5 and RTL.

In 1992, Munteanu was active in the field of documentary production company, with The Entertainment Council. In 1994, he shifted his vision towards fictional programming. Al Munteanu co-produced, executive produced and distributed feature films such as Artisan’s DARK HARBOR, and the Kate Beckinsale hit comedy SHOOTING FISH.

In 2002 Munteanu founded SquareOne Entertainment which became one of Germany’s leading independent distributors. Recent theatrical successes of SquareOne include the first ever 3D dance film STREETDANCE 3D, French romcom HEARTBREAKER, Brit success THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE and Scifi cult hit MONSTERS. Further releases in SquareOne’s 10th anniversary year include US Navy Seals action success ACT OF VALOR, dance hit sequel STREETDANCE 2, French comedy hit LES INFIDÈLES starring Academy Award Winner Jean Dujardin, mystery thriller THE RAVEN starring John Cusack and Luke Evans, shark thriller BAIT 3D and psycho thriller HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET with Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence.

Al Munteanu is a graduate of the University of Maryland, and holds a master’s degree from the University of Munich in communications. In 1994, he was graduated from the MEDIA 95 EAVE program for independent producers.

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